Proud to be from Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh area has been my home my entire lifetime. It's an old steel worker town filled with the abandoned steel mills that were once so populated and popular in my youth. These areas have for the last 30 years set empty and quite as the steel industry that Pittsburgh has so depended on dried up back in the early 1980's. Through the 1990's and into the early 2000's nothing really changed in Pittsburgh. It has been business as usual here. Now fast forward to the year 2008.....

Marcellus & Utica Shale

Once 2008 hit the area erupted in a frenzy. All residents felt like Beverly Hillbillies when they learned that each one of our homes were sitting on enough liquid gold to power the entire USA. Once struggling farmers were now being offered upwards of $3000 per acre to lease their land to big oil companies like Range Resources, Hillcorp & Shell Oil. To say that these farms became overnight millionaires is quite the understatement. Even the average homeowner could sign up for their leases and make a little extra something off of the oil industry. It was the start of something beautiful.

Upward Swing

Since 2008 our economy has been on the upward swing. With the installation of new road ways, bridges and infrastructure, just the jobs it has created alone has greatly increased the market in this part of the country. We welcomed UPMC who is now one of the largest employers in our area. The Beaver County Cracker plant is the largest construction Pennsylvania has seen in recent history and is just north of the city. In even recent developments the state has started issuing gaming licenses to construct multiple casinos across the state. Market prices are on the rise and rent prices have skyrotted to an astounding 80% increase in less than 10 years. Even with the increase in prices this city is still rated one of the most affordable places to live. Looking back on the struggle and the persistence of this great city as it has gone from steel power house to forgotten city to oil central of the US it makes me so proud to say I am from Pittsburgh.

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